Getting remedy with BPJS Health utilizing NIK

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Currently, BPJS Kesehatan is actively selling new remedy modalities in healthcare services, working with BPJS Kesehatan, each outpatient and inpatient. The new technique is to specify your NIK or current your eKTP when registering with a well being facility. BPJS Health members or sufferers not have to current their bodily card or BPJS Health digital card.

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This new technique with NIK will definitely make it simpler for BPJS Health members to hunt remedy within the well being care facility of their alternative. Participants don’t have to retailer many playing cards of their wallets, simply deliver their eKTP.

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How can I get remedy utilizing NIK?

Of course, the strategy is identical because the remedy mechanism used to date. The distinction is that when registering, members don’t want to indicate their precise BPJS well being card, simply point out or submit the eKTP. The enrolling FO or admissions officer enters the NIK into the VClaim system. Through the VClaim utility, a participant’s membership standing and privileges could be considered for additional SEP printing.

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