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Forex Learning Resources previously we have studied about knowing what forex is and learning forex for beginners. This time Holidaynexus wants to discuss about forex learning resources that can be obtained through anything.

There are a variety of things you can do if you want to start learning forex. You can gain insight from online classes or from experienced people.


As mentioned above, you need to know a lot about forex when you decide to study this type of investment. Not only about the basic terms, various developments are also important for you to understand.

Currently, there are many sites that can be a reference if you want to learn Forex. Some of the sites that can be a source include:

  1. Forex Factory
  2. Bloomberg?
  3. Investmentpedia
  4. The Balance
  5. Babypips

Online Class

Currently, there are various online classes for you who want to learnForex Learning Resources. This type of class is quite diverse, ranging from free classes to classes at a cost.

Nothing wrong with starting to learn forex through classes like this. You will get lessons from more experienced traders.

There are several online classes that you can take, such as:

  1. Learn To Trade
  2. Udemy . Forex Trading A-Z
  3. Brooks Forex Trading Course
  4. Platinum Trading Academy

Apart from these English classes, there are now many Indonesian online classes. You can find the class that is most suitable for you both in terms of teaching and costs.

Attending Seminars

Sometimes, the best way to learn is to learn directly from someone with experience.

Nowadays, there are lots of seminar options if you want to learn forex from the beginning, or at an advanced level. Not only seminars in the real world, there is also the option of webinars if you can’t attend the class face to face.

Reading Books About Forex

Not only seminars, various books about forex are now starting to mushroom. You can find both physical books and ebooks if you want to learn about this investment.

Exploring The Type Of Investment

Creating A Demo Account

If you have learned enough forex basics, you can try trading immediately by creating a demo account.

For many, the best way to learn is to experience it first-hand. You can do this alone or ask someone who is more experienced to accompany you.

Not infrequently, there are games that can give you the experience of trading forex simulations. You can take this option for a simpler learning.

These are some of the things you need to pay attention to if you want to learn forex. Are you getting interested already?

Learning forex is not too difficult, but not too easy either. You just need to study consistently while applying it.

How To Learn Forex For Beginners From Zero

Forex trading orForex Learning Resources trading is one of the most popular financial activities in Indonesia and the world. This financial activity involves the world’s major financial markets. Many people have had success in this activity of buying and selling foreign exchange. However, there are also many who fail in this forex trading.

Forex trading is included in the category of “high risk, high return” financial activity, which means high risk but high yields. For beginners who want to dive into forex trading, it is hoped that they will learn what forex is like so that they don’t trade carelessly and make themselves a bonus. Well, here’s GIC conveys the forex trading knowledge needed by people who start from scratch.

What is Forex?

Study The Forex Trading Rules

Success in forex trading you can achieve by learning forex. You must learn the basics, for example: steps to get capital gains from changes that occur between exchange rates of one currency with another.

Even though they both exchange currencies, forex trading is different from money changers. In money changers, the exchanged currency is done in cash, and directly, while in forex trading it is not.

In forex trading, the currency that is traded is in the form of currency pairs, such as JPY/USD. When selling means selling yen and buying American dollars simultaneously. When buying means buying yen and selling American dollars simultaneously.

With this pattern, forex traders are able to get capital gains, both when the currency traded weakens or strengthens. After learning the basic rules of forex trading, then you will find out the various factors that can affect the value of a currency, how to analyze the downward and upward movement of the currency pair that you will trade.

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